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Head Teacher:  Mrs L Brunton

P1/2 :  Mrs L Pearson
P2/3/4 :  Mr J O'Donnell /Ms C Bony (Thursday)
P4/5/6 :  Miss J Purves
P6/7: Mrs M Thomson 
Support for Learning: Mrs J Hughes & Miss C Prenton
EAL (English as an additional language): Mrs J Bryant 

Visiting Teachers:
PE:  Mr R Davidson
Music:  Mrs A Inglis

Administrator:  Mrs C Learmond

Additional Needs Assistants:
Mrs K Peterson
Mrs T Logan
Mrs S MacNeish
Ms H Wallace
Mrs S Hood
Mrs J Mackay
Ms S Russell 

Cook:  Mrs C Turnbull

Janitor/Playground Supervisor:  Mrs N McGarry

Cleaners:  Mrs N McGarry, Mrs L Simpson & Ms D Ker 


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