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Kididdles - A site of children’s songs, with words and music. 

Learn about instruments - A site that helps you learn about the different families of instruments.

Introduction to Reading Music - A good introduction to clefs, notes and rests. 

Colouring - A point and click colouring resource. 

Inside Art - An Art History Game that focuses on Van Gogh. 

In developing the expressive arts children will be inspired by a range of imaginative stimuli, including popular culture. Working on their own and with others, they will express their ideas, thoughts and feelings through creative work.

Children will have the freedom to:

Art and design

  • discover and choose ways to create images and objects using a variety of art materials, exploring line, shape, form, colour, tone, pattern and texture
  • through natural curiosity, exploration and imagination, they will work on their own and with others to solve design problems.


  • choose and explore ways they can move rhythmically, expressively and playfully, discovering how to control their body and how to use space and resources creatively
  • enjoy taking part in dance experiences, becoming aware of different features of dances from a range of styles and cultures.


  • chose and explore movement, expression and voice in different kinds of role play and drama
  • explore real and imaginary situations, helping them to understand their world.


  • use their voice, musical instruments and music technology to discover and enjoy playing with sound and rhythm
  • enjoy singing and playing along to music, from a range of styles and cultures.